E-mail from "disgusted, PA"

I include the whole of an e-mail that I received from an American gentleman within the first month of Fawlty Towers existence. Readers may not be fully able to grasp whether it is for real, or an elaborate take off of a crusty old colonel from somewhere in Tunbridge Wells.

I sent a polite reply thanking him for his link. The e-mail reads:-

I am an American. An alleged friend of mine in the UK pointed out the
"Fawlty Towers" web site, which I took the trouble to then visit on the
Net. I read its criticisms of Americans and wish to inform you that any
nation or host in a nation which welcomes its guests yet doesn't at all
mind derogating them also - behind their back, of course - is not a
place I would care to stay. My wife and I plan to return to England, and
Cornwall is one of the areas we want to visit. When we do do, let me
assure you that your hotel or hotels will not be the places we shall
stay. Of course, incidentally, I'm sure you don't at all resent taking
the money from them while at the same time poking fun at them after they
are gone. If that is what defines British "courtesy," which I formerly
thought I admired, then I realise now it is apparently simply a social
facade, not a true cultural trait. How pitiful. I have my own web site
here in America for Americans planning to travel to the UK, and I shall
be sure to refer them to The Fawlty Towers web site, to which you are
linked, before they make any reservations in Cornwall.

I assure readers this is a real e-mail, and is complete apart from the senders name, which I have removed to avoid his embarrassment. A sense of humour is a wonderful thing. I did find out one more thing about the sender from his own CV on the Internet. I quote part of it

"Politics liberal and proud of it. ......One more thing about me: I have a deep,visceral distrust of the fundamentalist, political right wing in America. If that attitude disturbs you, don't bother e-mailing me because I'd rather be in hell than spend an eternity with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, the 700 Club and their hypocritical ilk. "

I am not sure what to make of  American Liberals after that, and living in England I don't know who the 700 club, Falwell, et al are, perhaps they are the ones who will be coming to our hotel!!


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