Big Companies and hotels bills

Big companies are always difficult to deal with, irrespective of whether you are buying from them or working for them. We see this in the following two ways

Big companies do not pay their bills on time

Big companies and employees expenses

With the first, big companies think it very clever to have "terms for suppliers", the sort of pages of small print that nobody ever reads, which mean that they keep us waiting for months if we are silly enough to send them invoices for their employees stay at our hotel, rather than getting payment on checkout, as with the rest of humanity. We will no longer send employees bills to large corporations, it is just not worth the blood pressure and time wasting as one writes and phones to extract payment from them

With the second, expenses, I have come to realise that the "admin" men in big companies dream up all sorts of potty rules on how employees can claim expenses. Hence to avoid re-writing bills, we normally ask people staying on business how they want their bill done. The amount that can be spent on room, food, breakfast, liquor, phone calls, etc, varies from company to company. Those that work for that company learn to live with their admin man's rules


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