Call a


Quick call a doctor, I think this man may be dead

Perhaps one of the funiest situations after the event, but one of the most grueling while it is taking place.

Some guests go out to hotels with a medical condition that means they should have stayed at home, others go out and take "substances" that they should have taken only at best in moderation, others overindulge in the drink

At the gentle end of the spectrum is the lone businessman who has imbibed of maybe a couple of G&Ts (large) before dinner, then a bottle of wine to himself during the meal, and rounded it all off with a glass of pudding wine, a port with the cheese, and a couple of large brandies with the coffee. It is not unusual to see the chap fast asleep in the warmth of the lounge after dinner, and one has to gently wake them in order to encourage them to use their bedroom for the night rather than the lounge.

It is the cases when we have had to call a doctor that are more serious

Slumped in the soup

Too many performance enhancers


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