Careful-  do not overdo it!

Five o'clock in the morning, pitch dark, and our bedside phone goes. It is a hotel guest on the phone "Quick call an ambulance, he has had a heart attack".

First call the ambulance, then consider the situation. The couple in question had booked in for one night. He was in his sixties, she in her twenties. Had I been a betting man, I would have put money on their not being married. Anyway, they had dinner, a modest amount of alcohol, and had retired for the night early. That was the last we saw or heard from them till 5 a.m.

The ambulance arrived, the man was unconscious and decidedly grey in appearance. The   ambulancemen strapped him in to a stretcher - he was alive, but definitely not kicking. Now the para-medic did a preliminary check and looked puzzled after the medical check on the man, then asked the lady if the man had been taking any drugs or pills.

"Well actually he had been taking pills". The pills in question were then called for, to go with him into hospital for analysis. "Well actually he had been taking lots of different pills". On examination, there were several bottles of tablets, all with oriental writing. An eclectic collection of "performance" enhancers form the Far East. Bits of tigers, rhinoceros, snakes and goodness knows what else. The lady was not sure what he had taken, but knew that he had taken a cross section.

His performance had evidently been suitably enhanced, then after some time he lapsed into a coma, hence the need for an ambulance

All the bottles had to be put in the black bag and taken with the unconscious man to hospital. Two days later he returned to pick up his car. I thought he still looked a little peekish, the lady was no longer to be seen, and he looked more than a shade embarrassed.

Another episode that is all in a hotel keepers day.

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