Slumped in the Soup

Eight thirty on a busy evening, the restaurant is in full swing, all the tables are full, the atmosphere is buzzing. As I do my "tour" of the tables, I suddenly see a man at a table of four, slump forward into his soup, and remain motionless

As surprising as his action was, even more surprising was the reaction of the thirty or so other people in the restaurant. Their reactiion was to totally ignore the event. They were out to enjoy a night out in a good restaurant, and notning, not even a body was going to spoil their enjoyment. Therefore ignore it, it was somebody else's problem (mine), and they all got on with eating their dinner.

Now the chap, who it later transpired had suffered a heart attack, was sitting in a chair with arms. So two of us lifted the chair out through a convenient side door to the restaurant. As we closed the door behind us, those left behind in the dining room carried on eating as if nothing had happened.

The ambulance was called, and duely arrived. The chap was carried off to hospital. We learnt from his companions that he suffered from a heart complaint, and should not have been eating out. He was on a cocktail of so many heart drugs that meant he would have rattled if you had shaken him.

The combination the exertion of going out, eating of rich food, and the general excitement of the occasion were too much for him, and the heart went twang

We learn later that he did make a full recovery. But I did have the worry of coping with the "dead body" in the restaurant, and I did find it extraordinary that all those other people, with true British indifference/good manners, completely ignored the situation and carried on as if nothing was happening. Basil would have been proud of them


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