All dogs are well behaved

Funny thing, all people booking rooms for themselves and their dog (honestly) believe that their dog is well behaved. Nobody has ever phoned up to ask if they could bring a badly behaved dog to the hotel

Bearing in mind that dog owners can try to bring anything from a miniature Poodle to a pack of Rottweilers, hotels have to be on their guard against the subtle ways dog owners work the system. Here are a couple of stories about dogs and the hotel

We do allow dogs, but only if we know they are coming and not in our best rooms. Run a hotel long enough and you have seen it all before - and you do not want it to happen again

                            And if you want to stay in a nice hotel by the sea in Cornwall, Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall

                                                                                                       Corisande Manor Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall

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