Eclipse 1999

11th August 1999 - total eclipse of the sun

For a maximum of about two and a half minutes, at around 11 a.m. on the morning of 11th August 1999, there will be a total eclipse of the sun visible from the tip of Cornwall. The last total eclipse visible in the UK was in 1925, and the next will not be for a hundred years.

So eclipses are rare events, and Cornwall is not the easiest of places to get to and from. It is estimated that in 1925 around 3 million people saw the eclipse in a line from Blackpool to Scarborough. And that was before the age of the family car.

Cornwall has a total  of around 250,000 tourist beds available on any one night in summer. If ten times that number try to get here, then chaos will ensue. There are only really two ways into Cornwall, the A30 over Bodmin Moor, and the A38 over the Tamar Bridge. Consider what happens if they jam solid - food cannot get here, the shops will be stripped bare.

Sewers will overflow, drinking water will run out, supermarkets will empty of stock. People are talking about setting up camp sites for 1 million people. Think about that, cars stuck in the mud, no sanitation, the breakdown of law and order.

We have been inundated for the past year by people wanting either one or two nights over the eclipse - we are only taking bookings for at least a week - I reckon that I am saving people from themselves, if three million people try to get into the tip of Cornwall for one night, then it will sink under the weight

The eclipse stories will appear hear after the event

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