Iced Avocado and punters try to make a point

Soon after we bought Corisande, we had a group of four guests booked for a week. They were not happy with our "fancy food", so we did our best to provide them with plain food. I even changed the habits of a lifetime and got them baked beans for a vegetable one evening - the first time we have ever served baked beans at dinner! Our menu always invites guests to ask for a plain dish or a salad, if they do not like what is on offer.

Anyway after surviving each other's company, just, for six days, our four friends were not in a compromising mood when it came to their final night's dinner. One of the choices of starter was "Iced Avocado Appetiser", they all chose this.

The Iced Avocado Appetiser is an Avocado Ice Cream served with a fan of avocado as a garnish. Now one would assume that if you chose Iced Avocado Appetiser that at least you like Avocado, and that in the unlikely event of your not ever having eaten Avocado then you would be prepared to try it. Not our four friends.

One, and only one of them, took a teaspoon, dipped in the tip and decided to venture no further. The other three did not even try the starter. No one even touched the avocado fan garnish - remember what I said about liking Avocado. They sat there with faces as long as hatchets, with three untouched plates in front of them , and  a fourth plate with a barely dirty teaspoon.

As I deduced the purpose of the exercise was to show me how disgusting our food was, I decided not to comment on the lack of enthusiasm for the iced avocado. It was therefore in a somewhat frosty silence that I removed the full plates, neither side passing comment.

They managed with their baked beans on the next course, but after that they never had any more words to say to me. At breakfast the next morning, their final meal, they pointedly walk round all the tables to say goodbye to other guests, and left the room without a backward glance in my direction.

A good example of how the customer is not always right. If the customer wanted plain food, the customer should have asked for plain food.

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