Gourmet baked beans

The British have some eating habits that differ from the rest of the world. Walk down any main street and look at what is on offer. You could really frighten yourself and walk down the main street in Newquay, and observe what was on offer.

There are a lot of sweet things, clotted cream fudge,  ice creams, canned fizzy drinks, toffees plus some fast food like cheap Cornish pasties,fish and chips, pizzas, etc. The decent restaurant,  serving fresh, home made  food has all but been driven off the main street. The punter is not prepared to pay the prices, trained staff are not available and the hours are unsociable. The net effect is that fast food outlets selling easy to re-heat items have taken over. In the land of fast food, the microwave is king

Even in a restaurant like ours, which does provide good fresh food gets its fair share of guests who probably have made a mistake and would have preferred to have stayed in a hotel offering processed rather than fresh food. At breakfast the need for tomato ketchup or brown sauce tends to reach a peak during the summer months. Baked beans as a delicacy are requested occasionally.

At dinner one can be fairly sure that the more adventurous soups like game or fish will be avoided. Americans tend to avoid sauces - asking for the sauce "on the side", so that they can decide whether or not to sully their delicate palates with our sauces. The problem with this request is that the finished dish is designed to look "right" with the sauce, so without the sauce tends to look a bit "bald"

When we took over Corisande, the clientele was somewhat conservative - plain cooking, nothing "fancy". Inevitable they viewed our food as "fancy". I was summoned by one lady a few days after we took over "I hope that this menu is not indicative of what we are going to be eating for the next week" she said. Unfortunately it was, and she was not going to change the eating habits of a lifetime - another lost customer! As we gradually changed over from the "old clientele" to the "new clientele" the number of confrontations on this front diminished - life became more pleasant, customers were more satisfied, our meals were enjoyed.

Gourmet baked beans became a thing of the past.

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Corisande Manor Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall

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