One of the occupational hazards in running a hotel is the periodic arrival of hotel inspectors. It is not that I have anything against hotel inspectors - well I have actually - but their visits do tax us

As a guest you would like to feel that hotel inspectors were doing their best to ensure that you were getting a better hotel.   Regrettably not, hotels inspectors are there to apply a set of written criteria that has little or nothing to do with whether a hotel is a pleasant place to stay. It has more to do with the politics of the organisation carrying out the inspection

Inspections are carried out on our hotel by the AA, RAC, English Tourist Board, Cornwall Tourist Board, Michelin, and any number of commercial bodies to whom I might pay large sums of money for inclusion in their particular guide book ( organisations such as Johansen, Signpost, Ashley Courtney, Best Western,  fall into this category of paying commercial sites).

One pays for the inspections by the AA, RAC and Tourist Board - if you do not pay, then no matter how good your hotel, it will not be recommended by that particular organisation. How independent this makes them is now coming in to the open. The new integrated "star" system for hotels, means that there should be no need for three inspections by these bodies, one should suffice. Unfortunately commercial interests have not allowed this simple situation to occur, and three identical inspections each year will take place for our hotel, as long as I subscribe to each body - therefore why subscribe to each of the three. The answer has to be to subscribe to the one that gives you the best grading, or says the nicest things about you. As these bodies come to realise this, I suspect that mediocre standards will be driven ever downwards, as they compete to get hotels to sign up to their organisation

How do they inspect a hotel

How to recognise a hotel inspector

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