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I have a number of Internet sites, all designed to give information, but ultimately wishing to get the reader to  stay at our hotel. Not everyone appreciates this, so I get a whole series of e-mail that I file under "nutters", and from which I give you a selection now. Bear in mind we are a small hotel in Cornwall, and that the purpose of what I do on the Internet is to get people to come to our hotel. These e-mails are unedited. This page gets longer every day

My wife and I are visiting UK from late-October to mid-November in connection with a book on Indian palaces for which I was the historian and travel consultant. During the course of my visit, I would like to explore the possibility of articles on Manors and country houses in UK for the Indian traveller visiting London. My articles are published in over 35 magazines in Asia.  Please advise us if you can help with complimentary lodge and board, and transport from London to make the article possible.

I am planning a trip to England in June 1999. I would like maps and information on the area I will be staying. I will be staying in Barnsley. Taking trips to North Wales, Sheffield, York, Chester, Leeds,
Yorkshire. I would also like to find out the feasibility of getting to Stonehenge from Barnsley.

I am a 9th grade student in the United States. I am doing a report on Great Britain and it is due in two days. I can't find information on the following things:
a.Per capita GNP
b.Literacy rate
c.Life expectanc
If you could please e-mail me some information on those three topics I would be ever grateful.

I saw a documentary on TV about a couple in a town or village in Great Britain named Heslydon. The husband had collected interesting bricks during his lifetime. The wife was showing the TV reporter all the thousands of bricks her husband had collected. I also collect interesting bricks, those with writing or patterns on them. I have been searching the Internet for "Heslydon" with no success. I'm pretty sure I spelled it right. Can you help me with my search?

I have a flat at the Helford Passage right by the river which has two bedrooms, all mod. cons. (except dishwasher). The flat is small but in beautiful condition throughout. It has one double bedroom, one bunk bedroom and a settee in the lounge which pulls out into a true double bed.I am considering letting it for the week of the eclipse. Do you know how best to advertise it across the web?

Could your site include details on how ordinary people can get involved in digs, feildwalking etc. I found your site by typing the word "stoneage", when I used the word "archeoligy" I did not find your site, so maybe you need to find another way to attract people to you.

I have searched in vain for the tele no of the Cornish Tourist Board could you kindly help?

we are spending this weekend in Falmouth can you fax me a street map of the town?

I was looking to visit Cornwall with my children... my tentative plan was to put the tent the children and some petrol in the car and just drive down. I can guess that you don't want to be a tourist site but I was hoping to find places of interest ... head for the general direction and put the tent up.
I have found that the web is actually nfg for finding anything out instantly, however it would be nice to have a places of interest link on this page please note that I thought your page was generally better than others but they all lack what I tried to search for....hope this is helpfull and not too insulting

in the hope of your help I would like to ask you for the post- and email-addresses of the Ministry of Commerce, the Foreign Ministry and the Foreign Trade Ministry.

I now reside in Hong Kong and have been unable to help my daughter to find out the name of a famous Cornishman born in 1898 who went on to win the Monte Carlo Rally in 1931.- Can you help?

can you tell me the time it will take to drive from Oxford to Chipping Campden and from Chipping Campden to Pembroke, Wales?

I am a consultant in the USA. I am acquiring/recommending purchase of a laptop computer and a printer for a US student who will be attending Middlesex University in your country. She departs in the next couple of weeks for your country.
Will you please advise me:
1. Is there any problem purchasing the equipment in Great Britain after she arrives?
2. Is there any problem taking the equipment through your customs if she purchases it here and takes it with her?
3. Is there a price advantage in purchasing the equipment in Great Britain as opposed to purchasing it in the USA?

Hello my name is Thomas and I live in Sweden. I am working hard in the school and I was wondering about your governement.. Could you please send some information about your governement.....

I have had to put off the trip because British Airways has put off the inauguration of its non-stop service from Denver to London. This delay was caused by a neanderthal US senator, named Jesse Helms, who tied up the arrangement in an effort to get more favorable treatment in England for US Air, from
his home state of North Carolina. The man is an idiot, and has been in the Senate far too long.

I am in the process of buying a house in Fowey - not too far from you and am looking for a local Golf
course to join
maybe as a country member - any suggestions within 30 - 45 mins from Fowey.

This Friday we'll go to Kingsbrighe for a two week holiday in one of the classic cottages. There is one last question: Is there a SCUBA diving school or organisation somewhere at the coast of Devon?

Following a family bereavement we are looking for someone called Brian S--- who is married to Linda. He is a chef and moved to Cornwall about 1983/4. When they moved from Derbyshire they had two small children. We have some mementoes of his mother Brian may be interested in. Do you know him and could you get him to contact us?

I was wondering if I could be of any help to you translating the text into Dutch! I am sure that the Dutch would be very interesting in visiting Cornwall and it would make your list of continental languages even more worth while!

As a past visitor to Cornwall I was disappointed to find whilst visiting your site on golf in Cornwall that Perranporth Golf club was not mentioned. For reference I enjoyed a weeks golf whilst staying in one of their caravans.

What is another name for the sword Excalibur that King Arthur pulled out of the stone? Please e-mail me as soon as you can. Thank you!

I'm going to get this email message right yet! Sorry for sending it so many times. Hopefully this one is complete and accurate. Where do I get clotted cream in America? We don't have it in our dairy cases and I'm not even sure how to describe what it is. I'm guessing that it would be to perishable to ship here so perhaps you could tell me how it's made. Thank you.

The Hole in the Wall, Bodmin - This pub should be included in the pubs section. It is an oasis in the town situated in its own garden courtyard. Once a debtors prison it has a fantastic collection of military memorabilia together with good real ale and food

Hello. I don't know if you can help me but I am a young would be marine biologist
looking for work over the summer to gain experience in marine biology. I was wondering if you
knew the Newquay Sealife centres address and if so could you please email it to me
. If not do
you Know of any other organisations in Cornwall I might try.

what about potteries? website fascinating, but seems to miss out on the leaches, etc

just browsing saw your light on ,just wondering if the seven stars pub in penryn is on the net.

good site but I would run a spell check on it, especially on the web tuition page

mordred is was arthurs....son

I found your home page when testing Cocks & Falmouth with AltaVista, looking for biographical data
(first names, year of birth, year of decease, etc.) about the natural history collector W.P.Cocks,
who lived in the Falmouth area in the middle of last century. He is often addressed only as Mr.Cocks
of Falmouth by many other British naturalists of his time, so he must have been rather well known. He
wrote e.g. Spec. N. H. Falmouth. 4to (Falm.) 1849, 15 pp. Could you please advice me how to get
biographical information about him. Perhaps he should be on your home page about well-known
Falmouth inhabitants?
Pardon me for disturbing and thank you very much in advance.

It is totally impossible to purchase clotted cream in the US! You indicated in your
home page that one can make their own. Could you possibly provide a "recipe" for making it?
I would be very grateful.

I came across your web site whilst searching for "Austria" - very nice site! Since you have
Austrian connections and claim to have an excellent wine list, I wonder whether you might be
interested in some Austrian Wine to put on it? We are enthusiasts / importers of Austrian Wine
and have a comprehensive trade list starting from about 3.50 per bottle. If you are
interested please give us a call

Might you have a list of tackle shops that service fly fishers in Cornwall? - Thank you,

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I got some Informations on your www-side. Totally I will stay 4 weeks in
England. The first 3 weeks I'm gonna stay in English Schools South of London. From the 27.09. up to the 02.10. I wanna go to Cornwall. Could you please give me a special offer for 5 days B&B, seaview from the appartement by email or fax. Maybe you have a brochure about your wonderful hotel wich you can send me before. I will leave Hamburg at the 04.09.97.

                                                                       And if you want to stay in a nice hotel by the sea in Cornwall, Corisande Manor Hotel, Cornwall

                                                                                                       Corisande Manor Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall

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