I'll do it myself, it's quicker

It  is apparently a fact that staff in the hotel industry stay in one job for an average of about one year. This can be put down to any number of reasons, poor pay is one, the ease of moving jobs is another. If anyone in any other industry wants to move from Cornwall to Aberdeen, then they not only have to get a job in Aberdeen, but also find a place to live there. With hotel work, live in accommodation usually goes with the job - therefore moving is easier.

What this means to the average hotel is that if it employed 12 people, then every month it would have to advertise for a new member of staff, interview, hire and train them. Given it takes management time to do all this, and that the new member of staff is not fully operational for around a month, you can see how costly this turnover in staff becomes. Perhaps at least a thousand pounds all told, to hire and train a new member of staff. We have therefore decided to avoid the costs, problems and pitfalls of staff, by the simple expedient of not having any. A ruse so strikingly brilliant in its simplicity, that the Inland Revenue believe that I am involved in some deep fiddle. According to their book of words on the hotel industry, we should spend around 20 to 25% of our turnover on wages, the fact we spend closer to 2% makes them suspect that I am involved in a scam that pays cash, avoids Vat and generally is a substantial contributor to the black economy.

It is somewhat difficult to satisfy a bureaucrat that there people in Britain who do work 7 days a week How can one satisfy a civil servant, who works 9 to 5, gets holidays, bank holidays, sick pay and a canteen that we work twice the number of hours that they do. The answer, I can report, is with difficulty. It took about six months of letter writing with the Inland Revenue to get them to back down on this one. I suggested they send an undercover agent for a weeks stay in the hotel, to ascertain that we actually did all this work. To this day I still don't know if they ever did send the agent to spy on me!.


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